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Young Players Shine as the Jacksonville Jaguars Defeat the Atlanta Falcons 24-14

August 31st, 2012 at 12:31 AM
By Michael Hall

The much maligned 4th preseason game is usually a boring game that pits backups against other backups, but some of us see it as an opportunity for young players to show what they are made of. There were many of those moments as the Jacksonville Jaguars defeated the Atlanta Falcons 24-14. We will go over a few of these players after the picture.


1. WR Kevin Elliott

Elliot basically cemented his bid for a roster spot with his two catches for 85 yards. His most impressive effort was his 77-yard catch and run for a touchdown. He not only caught a slant pass, he evaded three defenders on his way to the endzone. It has been years since someone has done something like that in a Jaguars uniform. His skillset seems eerily similar to Justin Blackmon and we are intrigued to see more of what he brings to the table.

2. RBs Richard Murphy/Jalen Parmele/Keith Toston

We can't really pick just one. all three of these players made an impression tonight.  Parmele averaged 9 yards per carry, Keith Toston had a few good runs and ended the night with over 70 yards rushing, and Richard Murphy was impressive as well. sadly, two of these guys will probably be visited by the Turk and the one that remains will likely be expendable once Jones-Drew ends his holdout. However, all three of them will probably land on a roster by next year.

3. CB Antonio Dennard

Dennard has been a bit of a late riser, but he seems to always be around the ball. Tha was made apparent with his interception today off of a deflection. he has managed to haul in two interceptions in the past two games and he might find a spot on the practice squad.


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